About Us

OPECU for the whole family

Mission Statement

We at Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union are committed to providing quality services to our membership, while maintaining a safe and reliable financial institution.
Serving the financial needs of our members.
Since 1930!!
Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned cooperative.

Our Beginnings

The Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union was incorporated on February 25, 1930 with 7 letter carriers who worked at the Post Office in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In April of 1973, the By-Laws were changed to include employees of the associate offices (549 Zip Code Area) and their families as well as the employees of the Credit Union and their families. This change remains in place even today. OPECU started out offering savings and loans where some one had to save in order for there to be $ to loan – a true cooperative! Today OPECU offers many services, but still in the same manner of a cooperative and with the members best interest in mind.

Who can join?

You are eligible for membership at the Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union if:

  • You are an employee of the Oshkosh Post Office.           
  • You are an employee of one of the post offices in the 549 Zip Code area.
  • You are an employee of this credit union.
  • You are a member of the immediate family of a member, including, but not limited to the spouse, parents, stepchildren and/or children.
  • Associations or organizations of such employees mentioned above.          

How to join?

All you need to do is open a savings account with a $5.00 deposit.

Contacting Us

Telephone: (920) 233-3117
FAX: (920) 233-3010
Mailing Address: 1012 W 20th Ave, WI 54902-6618
E-mail: opecu2@gmail.com
(Warning: This email link is provided for your convenience. Email is not secure and information can be read by others. Do not email information such as passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, etc.)


Office and Mailing Address
1012 W 20th Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54902-6618

We are easy to find:

If coming from the North, on Hwy 41, take the Hwy 44 Exit. Go left on Hwy 44 back towards town, through 3 stop lights. The 4th light is 20th Ave. Turn right and travel past the Oshkosh Post Office to the stop light, which is Knapp St. Turn left and we are that building on your left, right there on that corner. The eastern half of the building (1010 W 20th Ave) belongs to someone else. The Credit Union owns the western half. The drive up goes around the building and is best entered off of Knapp St. If you want to come in, the main entrance is in front on 20th Ave, along with the ATM. Parking is in any space.

If coming from the South, on Hwy 41, you can take the same exit: Hwy 44 Exit. Turn right onto Hwy 44 (or South Park Ave) and go to the 2nd stop light. This stop light is South Park and 20th Ave. Turn right and follow the same directions as above, to the stop light past the Oshkosh Post Office (Knapp St). We are the building on the corner, located in the western half of that building (1010 is owned by someone else and we own 1012). We have a drive up which is best entered from the back of the building off of Knapp St. The entrance and ATM are in the front on the western side. You may use any of the parking spaces (except the handicap ones as marked – unless of course, you are handicapped and entitled to use same.)

Within the city: just come out to the main Post Office in Oshkosh. We are the western half of the building ( the 1012 side) on the corner of Knapp St and 20th Ave. Two driveways: one off 20th Ave which leads to the front of the building; one off Knapp St which will lead to the drive up and night depository. The Knapp St driveway can also be used to park and come in, too. Entrance is on the front of the building on 20th Ave.

Office Hours

Lobby and Drive up
Monday -Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

ATM: belong to alliance of ATMs


Night Depository

On the west side of the building, along with the drive-up

Routing and Transit# (ABA)

Credit Union MLO #810561
Michele’s MLO #812405