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OPECU for your first vehicle!!

OPECU for your first vehicle!!

Featured Loan Service:

It Pays to Borrow at OPECU: Weekly or Bi-weekly payments!  •  OPECU matches rates whenever we can!  •  Reward Pricing!  •  Support YOUR Credit Union! Support yourself!


LOAN APPLICATION ON LINE!                                     

Now available in more places!! You can now apply for a loan through this web   page, outside Virtual Branch, as before, and within VB in two spots.   We no longer offer an immediate yes or no to your application, but we do give it priority in running our checks and assigning a time for your final papers.  All loans are now referred to the Credit Union. We are always trying to make it easier for you to reach us and since this will be available 24/7, in many more places, our loan department will seem to be open just for you on YOUR time!! Just click on the APPLY FOR A LOAN button on this web page, or click on the Virtual Branch button, then on the Applications on the left-hand side of the Virtual Branch login page. You do NOT have to be enrolled in VB to use this service since it is on the outside (login) page of VB and also offered on this web page.  If you are a member of our on line service (Virtual Branch or VB), then you can apply right while you are looking at your account.  Making it easier for YOU!!!      


Free Credit Report

Once a year you are entitled to a free credit report from all credit bureaus.  Go to  You will see what is on your report, you may not get your score.  The credit reports advertised on television are usually for just ONE of the credit bureaus.  This site is for all three.                         


Low Vehicle, Signature Rates

Click on the rate information and compare!


Mortgage Loans

CU MLO #810561 Michele’s MLO #812405

Borrow up to 80% of the fair market value as stated on your taxes.       

  • First mortgages (not purchase money).
  • Second mortgages.
  • Homeowners Choice Loan, an equity loan where the home is taken as an abundance of collateral and the rate and term is based on the “other” collateral you give (car, truck, snowmobile, savings, signature, etc.)
  • Purchase money, jumbo home loans, etc. now through our partner.


Partner Mortgage Loans

We have now found a new partner, Winnebago Community Credit Union, who will offer the following products:

  • Conforming Loans: 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 yr. Fixed Rates
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • New Construction & Lot loans
  • FHA
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Home Equity/2nd Mortgages
  • Vacant Land – Hunting or Recreational
  • 2nd/Vacation Homes
  • Refinancing: Rate Reduction, Cash Out, Rate & Term
  • Ask us about any other product you are interested in!


PayDay Loans (The best kept secret at the Credit Union)           

We’ve had PayDay loans since the 90’s; we’ve upgraded them, but the cost has not changed – still a flat $7.50 per loan. Why pay $20 or $30 when you can pay just $7.50????? Why would you go anywhere else??? This loan does have to be pre-approved and set up ahead of time, but only once. Then you are good to go whenever you need a little extra before pay day. Of course, it does have to be paid back on pay day, and you do have to qualify. But before you head to the Check Into Cash or Check ‘N Go, etc, check with us first. We love doing business with you!!                    


Reward Pricing

Based on the number of services you have with us, you may be entitled to .25%, up to .50% off most loan services with us. It is our way of saying “thank you” to those who use the credit union. Now offered with our certificate program at .10% or .25%. In the future, we will have reward pricing for other basic services, too. Watch for this new way of thanking our members!!


Risk-Based Lending

Back to basics, where the rate you pay is determined on your creditworthiness. The rates quoted on this site and in the office are for an A rating. If your FICO Score from Trans Union is different, rates could be higher or lower. We must run a credit report to find this score. The FICO Score is based on about 50-75 different items, including the way you pay your bills here and elsewhere. It does NOT look at or know about your income. It is putting “character” back into lending – rewarding you for paying your bills on time! The excluded loans: Kwik Cash Loans, PayDay Loans, Share or Certificate Pledged Loans.


VISA Credit Card Program

NO annual fee, reasonable rate, and a chance to auto pay each month – your way!!!   Check this out!!! The rate is 9.9% Annual Percentage Rate on the Classic Visa. OPECU does not believe in playing around with the rate. We strive to give you the best rate right from the beginning.  Isn’t it time to switch???