Saving Services

Open a savings account with OPECU!

Regular Savings
  • Must have at least $5 in this account to do business at Oshkosh Postal Employees Credit Union.
  • Dividends are based on the daily balance in the account, paid quarterly and compounded quarterly. $75 is needed to earn dividends.
Christmas Club
  • Begins October 1st and ends September 30th.
  • Dividends are paid on September 30th. The whole amount is transferred to a savings account.
  • The money is available when YOU want it. Clubs can be any amount of money.
Share Certificates
  • From 3 months(90 days) to 36 months.
  • We will try to match other rates and terms at other financials whenever we can.
  • ONCE AGAIN:   A 36 month certificate has a one time “step-up” feature. Once during the 36 month period, you can request to raise the rate to whatever is the going rate for a 36 month certificate at that time. The term will not change, just the rate. Locking into a longer term certificate just became easier.          
  • Reward Pricing on the certificates has been discontinued at this time.
Share Drafts (Checking)
  • No minimum balance.
  • No limit on the number of checks you write.
  • No monthly fees.                                                                     
  • Cost of checks are usually cheaper.
  • Checks within 10 days not 2-3 weeks.
  • Night depository.
  • MacCard (check card) with PULSE/CIRRUS access for faster/convenient service.
Second Savings Account
  • Same interest rate (dividend) and other features as Regular Savings.
  • Can be used for anything YOU want.
  • Can have as many “second savings” accounts as you may need/want.
  • Can have different beneficiary(ies) named. Even though the account must be set up the way the original or Regular Savings account is set up, you can name a different beneficiary(ies) for each different “second savings” account.