Technology Services

Technology Services

FYI (For Your Information): Electronic services are very convenient services and necessary in this day and age, and a way to get an idea of what is happening in your accounts at OPECU. However, to get the most current information about your account, you can still call the credit union office directly during working hours.

Audio Response                                                            Man on phone

This program is the telephone version of the Home Financial Services (online banking). No more waiting for us to answer the phone, plus it is a toll-free number, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Perfect for finding out balances, check clearings, etc. Just about anything you do in the office, you can now do from the comfort of anywhere. It goes had in hand with VB or it can be your service of choice. Check it out: 1-800-968-8789. Never be put on hold again!!!


ATM is no longer available. We do belong to an ATM alliance group – It is a listing of places, locally and throughout the US where there are ATMs you can use with OUR card and not get charged the surcharge fee (even if the machine says so). Great way to save as you travel!!!

Bill Payer Service

ONECLICK, the updated version to our present system.  In September, you should have received a link to a demo about the new version.  However, this same demo is now available if you click the GREEN OneClick button on this web page or within OneClick for use any time.   Remember: when a computer is not available, you can now call the toll-free number from anywhere in the USA and talk to a live voice to pay that bill on time!!! This feature as well as the whole service is available to any member with checking. It is FREE, but you must also belong to Virtual Branch, our online service. On the Virtual Branch (VB) site, click the OneClick button on the left and take a demo. If interested, you will sign up online. As for the “user ID”, you can use your credit union account number if you want; however it is suggested to not do that.   A unique ID is always more secure.  The PIN could be the same as the one you use for VB. Once all is set up, it is so easy, convenient and time saving.  And with OneClick, it is even faster, easier and even more convenient than before.  You have to check this one out!!     

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

DDOS is an attack, which causes a disruption or suspension of online services due to the flooding of incoming traffic/hits to the targeted website and/or network. This fraudulent, malicious inundation of traffic overloads the internet connection and essentially forces it to shut down preventing legitimate users from accessing the online system – Denial of Service. Since OPECU is an in-house computer network, we are not overly concerned about disruption to our system. However, OPECU does use the internet to send and retrieve files on member transactions away from the CU. OPECU also offers online services: Virtual Branch, Audio, IPay, etc. All of these use the Internet. So, these DDoS can affect us as well as you – mainly causing inconvenience. If you are a victim please just contact the CU. We have your information, and hopefully, can do your requests.

Apply for a Loan on line - just click and pick and submit


We are only a click away. This is especially easier if your hours are our hours. Remember that email is not secure, so do not put anything in the message that is of a personal nature – especially your account number(s). We can get the number from just your name.                    


You now have a choice – “paper or plastic” – Nah – paper or by VB. The cost for this service is free, but you have to be signed up for Virtual Branch (our on-line service).  If interested in e-statements, please contact the credit union. If you are already on VB, then just go to the Services button and click on E-Statements from the list of services there. Make sure your email address is listed and change the option to E-Statements. From that month forward, you will receive a notification by email saying your statement is ready for view. Not only is this another convenient service but these statements will be ready for view sooner than the ones we have to mail. Of course, you will no longer get the paper product.      


MacCard(check card/debit card) is now a EMV card.

Our MacCard is a chip (EMV) card.  See how to use the  chip card by clicking on the link in the heading marked LINKS; it will say for VISA, but it works the same way for our MacCard, MasterCard.  Because of this chip, you can no longer have more than 1 card at a time.  The chip contains your information which changes as each card is produced.  Also, remember, you must have a checking account to use this service; however, the checking can be for the debit card purpose only, with no checks.    


Virtual Branch(VB)                computer

is the next generation for our online service. Still no cost except a non-user fee if you do not visit your account at least once per month. In VB you can see your accounts, do transfers, see clearing, etc. all in REAL TIME!! When we post a transaction (deposit or withdrawal, etc.) you will see it right away. If you do a transfer, it is immediate. Alerts to yourself can be set up and maintained by you; you will be able to transfer to and from other financials, to OPECU or from OPECU in VB through the A2A transfer feature. VB is now mobile. It will literally be 24/7!!!                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mobile Money/Mobiliti

the feature that makes VB mobile on your phone.  With this feature, you will be able to text for your balances and alerts, and/or, if you have internet access on your phone, you will be able to pull VB up on your phone in a format easy to read. It truly makes OPECU 24/7!!!!